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You as the decision maker - and we, as your consultant - are the two experts who assess the candidates.

We bring profound experience and a proven method into the selection - and yet: pitfalls that lie in the nature of man can at times cloud even our judgment. The ‘wrong consensus effect’ or even the ‘halo effect’ are typical examples of how the formation of opinions can be inconspicuously influenced.

BETTER CONSULTANCY means to us that we know this and have appropriate measures in place to objectify the formation of our opinion - such as the Insights MDI diagnostics tools.

Scientifically founded and established for many years in over 30 countries in around 20 varieties optimised for specific target groups, this potential analysis method assists us with the selection of human resources. The technique backs our assessments or creates the basis for asking further targeted questions. We have the methods and expertise which we integrate into our search for you whenever appropriate.