You wish to attract high performers for your business!

These high performers currently enjoy a safe position in an attractive company. They are not actively seeking a new position, which is why they do not respond to passive vacancy ads. But they are very keen on improving their professional situation. They are even willing to talk about it - on par, not as a candidate.

High performers wish to obtain information about their next career move in a quick, competent and discreet manner. This means: in order to talk to these people, we accommodate their communication wishes. Some like to be addressed directly, which paves the way for the respective approach. Others might move around a lot, or work in an open plan office, which eliminates the possibility of a discreet approach. Targeted database research can be the most success-promising method in this case. Yet another category of high performers prefer taking up contact themselves and reply to an active vacancy ad which means easy, discreet contact options even at the weekend and with a competent contact partner. It depends on the target group whether a vacancy ad in print media or online is the preferred choice. As diverse as the personalities are, so are the communication preferences and consequently, the search methods.

BETTER CONSULTANCY for you means: we actively design each search method meaning, we directly address the target individual or make it easy for them to contact us.

4 search channels - for full market coverage.